We left Pokhara by bus and traveled up the mountains through switchbacks with breathtaking views. Steep slopes terraced for rice crops and used for grazing by livestock after harvest, large rocks plopped into the road by landslides, mountain slopes bowing into the valley, dotted with village homes, guesthouses, and simple hotels.

We began our journey with a three hour hike up miles of never ending stone steps, while porters carried our belongings in 40 pound bags by straps across their foreheads. We had a delicious and filling traditional Nepalese lunch of dal baht (purported to be perfect nutrition for hiking at altitude) with refills until you were satisfied. The cook, Lita, was a woman of beautiful, happy energy who oozed love with her infectious smile and laugh and threw together this meal for 20 with calmness and joy. Someone reported we had hiked somewhere between 95-117 floors at that point.

We did double that distance after lunch, heading out just as the skies opened with a cold cleansing rain which continued almost to our destination: a hotel on the steep slope of Ghandruk, overlooking snow capped peaks. If the trip ended today, I would feel like it was worth it. But there’s still more to come. We landed at 6000 feet above sea level.

View from my room 😍

We gathered on the roof at sunrise to watch the sun come up behind the mountains, gazing in amazement as the light tinted the snow capped peaks from dull gray in the early light into glittering silvery gold like a trophy, mountain tips shredding the passing clouds like cotton being pulled across nails and the wind creating mini blizzards as it peeled off snow in passing.

A lovely meditation and yoga on the roof followed and we took advantage of the warming sun to dry clothes still wet from yesterday.

Morning meditation

Off for several more hours of hiking before the rain comes again today. Blessed.

Love, Wen

One response to “Breathtaking Views – 4/3/23”

  1. Diana Robicheaw Avatar
    Diana Robicheaw

    Such beauty, trip of a lifetime! Thanks for sharing!


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