Full details tomorrow but here’s a peek at how the day went…

D, long-time my friend and tour guide, was finally released from the hospital after a broken rib punctured his lung. Oof. So we celebrated at the Mekong rapids and made an incredible traditional Thai dinner with his family.
The art of wrapping food in banana leaves illustrated here. Pin with a sliver of bamboo. Yes they are pliable as-is but if you need more flexibility, simply put them in the sun or a steamer for a hot minute and vóila!
The pad Thai “parade” began today: a challenge to sample as many pad Thais as I can and vote for the best
Dinner is served. Note the banana leaf lining the plate and the dessert wrapped in banana leaf
We drove past many temples today. This one had the monks sweeping the streets. This led to an extensive conversation on meditation, becoming a monk, and religious holidays.

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