The K-T Boundary- touching rock that is 65 million years old!

I’ve been having flashbacks of my time in Italy with my best friend, partner in mischief, and fellow adventurer, Tiffany, and wanted to share a snippet with you!

Here I am standing at the KT Boundary on the drive up Monte San Vicino in La Marche, Italy! This line delineates 1) the 3 kilometers of bedrock below that was created when dinosaurs lived from 2) a few feet of rock on top after they went extinct. And there’s a one centimeter layer of rock between the two developed during the period when most life was obliterated and redeveloped. You can put your hand on rock that is 65 million years old! Wow!

I got a fab geology lesson in the K-T from geologist Dr Alessandro Montanari, PhD,
Director of the Geological Observatory in Coldigioco, Apiro, Italy. I’ve been a rock geek for decades so this was such a gift!

Tiff and I then proceeded to climb Monte San Vicino (MSV) on a beautiful August day. In the Apennine mountain range, MSV rises 4852 feet. The breathtaking views were worth the hike up the sometimes steep mountainside. Travelers from many places greeted us with a friendly “salve” and Tiff pointed out the many fossils along the hillsides, just off the trail. Gotta love seeing this ancient history at your fingertips!!

Give me a like or emoji in the comments if you’ve been to Italy! Where did you go? What was your favorite part? I can’t wait to return ❤️

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2 responses to “Have you heard of the K-T Boundary? Click here to learn more… 1/30/23”

  1. Diana Avatar

    Only trip across the sea was to Rome in 2017 – such a wonderful time, great people, sites and food/drinks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wen Avatar

      That’s a great destination for your first trip across the pond!! Love ❤️love ❤️love ❤️Rome!


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