Sunny spot in the state park forest heading to the summit

Honestly, I live in a cold climate but don’t like the cold; I stay to be near family. And it’s a pretty good place to live even when it’s cold.

This winter is bringing about two considerations: 1) My body must have been a bear in a prior life because it thinks it wants to hibernate all winter and 2) I’ve been busy planning another big trip that will require me to increase my fitness (that’s another story…stayed tuned!)

Last year I decided I needed to find a way to enjoy winter, and bought myself some good gear (Smartwool baselayer, Carhart water resistant jacket, those amazing NexGrip boots made by a family-owned company in Quebec that are the first boots I’ve ever owned that keep my feet warm(!) and they’re gorgeous and have their signature built-in crampon for instant sure-footedness wherever you are, and more).

I love these so much I got two pair. And I get so many compliments on these! Comfortable, warm, waterproof, and stylin’ …where have you been all my life??? 😍
I first found these last year while looking for a winter boot at my local store (Lamey-Wellahan or Selby for the local folks) and I will never buy any other brand of boot again. The black ones are a bit taller than the red, so good for deeper snow.

So, to ensure I get fresh air and exercise regularly throughout the season, I look for reasons to make it fun and what better way than to ask a friend to hike a hill with you? Cathy and I needed to catch up from the holidays so this was perfect.

Ice crystals in the snow!

We met at Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal, Maine on a gorgeous, brilliant, and sunny but cold day with a bountiful blue sky and visibility for miles. A layer of crunchy snow still covered the ground throughout the forested trails with some icy patches but nothing my boots couldn’t handle with the crampon activated! I’d definitely recommend wearing your spikes for the icy bits.

This interesting formation had the most beautiful icicles! Years ago there was a feldspar mine on this property. Perhaps this pit was part of that?

The climb to the overlook was good but the view from the top was excellent on this clear day!! And even better when you’ve got a dear friend on the trail with you. 😊💗

Summit views for miles

Snowshoeing and hiking are my fave activities though I’m hoping to add Nordic skiing to the list this year! How do you stay active in winter?



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4 responses to “Maine Winter Hike – 1/11/23”

  1. Lisa Wolff Avatar
    Lisa Wolff

    I love Nordic Walking all year round. But this year I am training for winter water immersion. John got me neoprene boots and lobster claw neoprene gloves and I am working my way up to my first North Sea “dook” (as they call it here in Scotland) by having incrementally longer blasts of cold showers with every shower. I am up to 25 seconds. They say when you can manage 30 seconds, you are ready. I am reading a book by Dr Susanna Søberg about all of the medical benefits of cold water immersion, and how to safely and sustainably incorporate it into life.

    I must say that the cold showers do really activate a resilient life force in me, and while it is cold in the shower at the moment of the immersion, I feel much warmer and balanced temperature-wise all through the day! I look forward to my first proper dook very soon! 😁🌊❄️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wen Avatar

      That sounds amazing! I’ve heard so many people regale the benefits of cold showers and ocean dips. Good for you for giving it a try- it sounds intense! 🥶

      The way you are so intentional with your life is truly inspiring, Lisa!

      Cheering you on from my corner of the Universe!! Woohoo!


  2. Diane Hills Avatar
    Diane Hills

    I went on a winter stroll with my best friend and her dog the other night 🙂 It was so peaceful…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wen Avatar

      Oh sounds lovely. Winter hikes are tranquil indeed. Thanks for sharing! 😊


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