Hotel grounds

“Every day is a chance to practice living the life we want, being more the self we want to be.” -Wen

Getting ready for the delta on Wednesday

Life is a tapestry, as my travel companion, Martjie, says. Polished on the front but messy behind the scenes.

Art on the river Chobe

After a restful sleep I felt ready for food and shared breakfast with our driver Shadrack who was staying here to check on me. We had glorious conversation around how proud he was for his daughter to graduate college and already find a teaching job in a competitive market; how our cultures differ in taking care of our elderly (Africans traditionally have one family member who cares for an elder and, in return, the rest of the family provides everything he/she needs to live); we covered the demands of his work and pressure of putting his kids through school; the worry during Covid that only his wife was working and the shame he felt at being unable to help; the back roads the guides use to get around when they aren’t driving the tourist vehicles; and much more. This normally stoic, quiet man really opened up when it was just the two of us and I felt so privileged.

The rest of the group returned from the bush this morning, recuperating from 2 1/2 days with no running water and plenty of heat. We all relaxed by the hotel pool, them retelling stories of singing and dancing around the campfire after dark, how a hyena and a leopard had come through camp last night, follies and favorites of the excursion.

Veggie Napoleon

Today was a rest day for tomorrow we’re off to the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, on the edge of the Kalahari Desert.



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A poler delivering equipment back to the launch

My poler was the lead poler, Richard.
Hyena from Kruger

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