Olifants River Valley – these hills were spectacular with red rock cliffs and interesting peaks and plateaus throughout the range
Tears of joy on seeing my first African wildlife!! Rhinos, zebras, ostriches, impalas, and more.

When you see me happy, I hope it radiates onto you too because you deserve to be happy.

When your heart is open, and you allow yourself to feel your soul- your heart’s desire- you feel an alignment, a flow that isn’t possible otherwise. You feel trust in yourself and the Universe to provide and unfold the path when the time is right and you are patient to wait for those perfect moments, knowing in your bones they are on their way.

Years ago I came to learn what living in alignment and flow feels like. There were specific scenarios (like deciding to join the Peace Corps) that just had to happen. Difficult though they could be at times, when in flow the challenges felt more like speed bumps rather than roadblocks. But I came to know that valuable feeling of being in alignment, where the path has an ease to it- even when it’s not easy- like there is no other path you are meant for in this moment and you know this with every cell of your being.

While these feelings can still be intermittent, I know the feeling and often know I need to wait for that signal of flow and certainty to know I’m heading in the right direction and when I am- hoo boy does the Universe show up in a big way to provide! Angels light the path and point the way so there is no doubt where you are headed.

This was how Africa happened for me. The signs appeared, that feeling of certainty and flow came with it, I never doubted my ability to handle any hardships that might accompany the path, I didn’t research it to death in advance, and it has all felt so right from the beginning. This is living your truth. This is following your heart and trusting your gut to never lead you astray. You don’t need to understand it, you need only to trust it. Everything else falls into place.

Share with us in the Comments: what strategies and mindset tricks do you employ when manifesting a dream or goal?



4 responses to “Check in with My Heart – 12/5/22”

  1. hunbunx2 Avatar

    WOW!!! Can’t believe you were in the midst of all that wildlife!

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    1. Wen Avatar

      We were so lucky! Wait until you see today’s review!


  2. Lisa Wolff Avatar
    Lisa Wolff

    I am loving following your adventure, Wendy!

    To answer your question about strategies for manifesting my dream …
    I agree that an open heart and listening to our guts is a big aspect of first feeling and seeing our dream so that we can take the most appropriate actions to bring it alive.

    Another vital ingredient for me has been generosity of spirit and actions. When I want to invite more of something into my life, I have found that volunteering my time (or other relevant capacity) often opens the right relationships and pathways to continue to bring me to realize my vision in a beautifully heartfelt way. Even generosity of presence, kindness, and mindfulness applies here. 💛

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    1. Wen Avatar

      Thanks, Lisa! Beautifully said. I love this addition and agree 100%! ❤️


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