Flight path

Got an early start to catch the train back to the airport. I’m often nervous to navigate public transport in a foreign city but Amsterdam makes it easy. Well-signed, efficient, super affordable, and feeling safe, the train arrives right into the airport.

The gate was FULL. I love the various languages, accents and colorful passports; every style of fashion; grades of friendliness; the timbre and volume changes as travelers assemble at the gate; Europeans sporting beautiful shoes and well-tailored clothing (❤️)… Amsterdam, being the largest airport in Europe, is a major hub for international travelers.

It’s interesting to observe the way people choose to pass the time: people watching, parents tending children, but mostly faces staring at handheld screens. Other than writing these posts, taking photos, and navigating the city, I’m trying to be off my phone to be present for this…present. And best of all, the intercom playing (my friend and sweet human) David Lamotte’s song from his White Moon album!

After days of prep, travel, and minimal rest I’m exhausted and eager to sleep (but not until my view from the window is obscured by clouds. I’m taking it all in.) This flight to Johannesburg is 11 hours so I splurged on “comfort seats” for extra room. I’ll let you know if it was worth it.

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Self checking baggage station
On the train
Providing fresh air in the airport. Well done, Amsterdam. Well done.
Breakfast of champions
Our aircraft for this leg. 10 seats across, 10 steward staff
Another sign from the Universe. I am paying attention. Doing my best to follow my heart. The whispers get louder the closer I listen.
Why yes there really is a giant plane on the airport roof!

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