And one checked bag. I can’t believe it all fit

Those of you who have followed along on previous travels know I tend to pack ultra light for every journey. It’s become a competition with myself (I once went to Europe for two weeks with just a carry-on weighing eight pounds), mostly because I’ve learned what to expect. But Africa is a new game for me and, despite the packing list provided, I’m assembling more provisions than for any other trip I’ve taken.

The African countries where I’m going all prohibit plastic bags and there are steep fines and even jail time if you are caught in possession of, or selling, a plastic bag beyond health and medical supplies. While I do practice minimizing my plastic consumption, this requires a new level of review of my existing supplies. I’ve secured compostable and reusable alternatives and have enjoyed the creativity required to stay organized but I’ll admit it’s made the pack and prep more time consuming (going to a new- and wild- place factors in too). Overall, I choose to see it as a needed evolution for the environment.

What are your favorite packing strategies? Tell me in the Comments!

5 responses to “The Pack – 11/30/22”

  1. hunbunx2 Avatar

    Packing isn’t one of my favorite things to do!

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    1. Wen Avatar

      I can appreciate that. I like packing but I predictably overthink every bit of it


      1. thartiganblog Avatar

        predictably… 🙂

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  2. Helen Avatar

    My packing was revolutionised by using packing pods.

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    1. Wen Avatar

      Yes! Thanks for this because I’m putting together a new post on packing tips and will include the pods. I’m new to the pods but can’t live without them now. 🙌🏽


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